Taking a Nap Just Cost You $16,000


Oh, is the couch not good enough? Just can’t quite get a proper nap done in your seat? Is the bed for sleeping through the night, and sleeping through the night only? Well, good news! Now you can get an extra-special device/piece of furniture for your extra special power naps.

The Productivity Boosting Nap Pod is that device. The napping pod, in addition to managing to shoehorn a NASA reference into the sales description, is a padded chair of sorts ergonomically designed to make the most of those midday naps. The pod puts you in a position where your feet are slightly elevated, with back relaxed and knees bent – all ideal for blood circulation and comfort.

Up top, a dome enclosure keeps out a good deal of unwanted light, and there’s a visor you can drop down if you really want to seal yourself off from the world. Bose speakers play ambient music like ocean waves or something, and the pod will wake you up gradually with light and vibrations.

Of course, at $16,000, this thing probably isn’t going to show up in too many homes anytime soon, but you can’t tell me you can’t see a bunch of these lined up in a Google or Facebook office somewhere.

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