Tokyoflash Japan Goes Natural with Wooden Watches

rogue_wood_grassFor all the talk of fancy new metals, it’s still hard to beat the natural looks of wood. Tokyoflash Japan has brought that idea over to watches.

The Kisai Rogue SR2 Wood and Kisai Stencil Wood both feature wooden watch faces. The Stencil Wood is available in either maple or sandalwood, with a leather band. The Rogue SR2 is made of a combination of maple and sandalwood, and actually has an adjustable wooden wriststrap (you can remove links, if need be). The watch faces are hand-crafted, and you can get one of many different colors for the digital watch face. Both watches are also limited edition, so if you get one of these watches, chances are you’ll actually be getting your own special snowflake of a watch.

The Stencil Wood puts up the time in huge block lettering, while the Rogue SR2 features its own, arcane time-telling method that looks a little like the top of R2-D2’s dome. Telling time on either one comes with a learning curve, but it’s nothing a little practice won’t cure if you like the looks of these watches.

If you’re ready for something a little different in the world of watches, give these two from Tokyoflash Japan a look. Both the Kisai Rogue SR2 and the Kisai Stencil Wood are available for $99, but that’s an introductory price that will only last for the next two days.


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