Edison Would Have Wanted This USB Light Bulb Badly

Struggling to find late night inspiration? Mustard is selling the literal embodiment of the figurative idea spark.

Bright Idea is a light bulb – or, rather, a nightlight in the shape of a light bulb. It’s a USB light, and you’ll actually be getting soft blue light from it, which is probably better for late nights than a real light bulb, anyway. It’s also always-on, so if you want to turn it off, you’ll have to yank it out of your USB port completely.


The bulb is attached to a snake arm, so you can adjust it any way you see fit, to make sure it stays out of the way. You can get your new nightlight/nighttime inspiration from Mustard for £10, or about $15 and change, when it becomes available in exactly 26 days.


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