Verizon Wins Highest Upload and Download Speeds in New York


RootMetrics has revealed whose data network is the fairest of them all in New York, and it looks like someone’s reign will be continuing for a fourth straight year.

This time, RootMetrics is looking at LTE networks, now that each member of the big four have their LTE networks up and running, at least in New York City. Out of those, Verizon still has the highest upload and download speeds of all carriers. They have a pretty robust lead, too – 13.1 Mbps down and 7.3 Mbps up, compared to 10.9 down and 4.8 up for AT&T, which took second place. As you might expect, the smaller carriers take the bottom two spots, with T-Mobile coming in at a competitive 8.4 down, but a less impressive 1.7 up. Sprint has fallen far behind in the speed wars, with just 2.1 down and 0.7 up.

This is coming after the completion earlier this year of Verizon’s $267 million project to upgrade its New York City wireless network, so that might explain the huge lead Verizon has. Anyway, take note, because I’m sure this is going to be the source of more than a few Verizon ads in the near future, if it isn’t already.

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