Your Next Propane Tank May Become Your Next Chair

That might be true if Colin Selig gets his hands on it, anyway. Being a firm believer in waste not, want not, Selig took an empty propane tank out on his property, brought it into his workshop, got the last bit of gas out, and got to welding. The result was some seriously cool looking furniture, which is now on display at the International Contemporary Furniture Festival going on right now in New York.

With his first tank, Selig cut away the ends of the tank to create the two ends of a bench. The rest of the bench was cut right from the tank as well, using templates that Selig carefully measured out and used for cutting the right amount of metal from the tank. In all, Selig was able to get four seats’ worth of furniture from the tank – a bench, a couple of love seats, and a chair. With a nice white paint job over the previously rusted, well-worn tank metal, the finished products end up with a surprisingly sleek and modern look to them. They even have a bit of a Jetsons-like feel to them. Not bad for a propane tank.

Since then, he’s gotten access to more and more tanks, which has led to more and more furniture and his ICFF exhibition. Selig’s actually had several exhibits lately, showing off his outdoor seating. He’s even been commissioned to make some quirky display racks for Neiman Marcus, which is probably one of the last places you would ever think to find pieces of an outdoor, five-gallon propane tank.

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