Is Your Cat Ready to Get Social? YummyPets is Facebook for Animals

Leo on YummyPets - 2

YummyPets is a new social network for pets and pet owners, and you know, I’m going to be honest, it’s definitely not the name I would have chosen. But, YummyPets it is, and it turns out it’s a little more handy than just another site for those with a little too much time on their hands.


Pet owners can create profiles for each of their pets, and connect to other pet owners and their pets. The aim is to create a community of pet owners, which hopefully happens, because YummyPets opens up a lot of useful possibilities with a large, thriving community. The best examples are a marketplace, where pet owners can buy and sell secondhand goods from each other, and an ability to post missing pet notices, which can be viewed by other members of the community.


There will also be standard social network fare, like instant messaging and photo uploading, along with discussion forums that can be filtered by animal and breed, for more specific pet tips and advice from the community. You can also set personal reminders for vet appointments on your pets’ pages, and set up the inevitable memorial page when your beloved four-legged or finned friend passes on.


Thing is, it’s only in two countries right now. YummyPets got its start in France, and is only just now expanding to the UK. If successful there, who knows – we might see YummyPets stateside sometime in the near future.



Matt G and Leo

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