2014 Chevrolet Impala 2LT is Not Just for Police Anymore [Review]

The 2014 Chevrolet Impala isn’t just your local police officer’s car anymore. This souped-up sedan is a modern and sophisticated car both on the inside and out, that will appeal to everyone – not just the men and women in uniform.

When the 2014 Impala was unveiled last year – oohs and ahhs could be heard from the crowd because of how drastically different it looked. This is no longer a fleet car but actually a vehicle that could be driven by you and me sans siren. One of the first things you notice when you enter the Impala is the spaciousness. This is a roomy car that will appeal to all demographics. The mature driver will love the leg room and comfy seats, while the younger driver will appreciate the futuristic dashboard that transforms at night into a Tron-like light show.

For the purposes of this review, we checked out the 2014 Impala 2LT Sedan that included options like premium audio, sport wheels, and rear park assistance with camera. While the Impala is not designed to be a high-end luxury car – when you take into account all the features of additional packages, you can transform it into at least a well thoughtout premium automobile.

Thankfully, Chevrolet MyLink is a standard feature and it is one of the sweetspots of the Impala. Easy and intuitive, the MyLink system paired with our Smartphones instantly and within seconds we were pumping music out of the 11 speaker Bose system. Navigating the MyLink was super simple and really takes no thought. It also lets your passenger take control of the system when it comes to navigation or pairing a device to MyLink. We have had experiences with other In-Car Infotainment systems that prohibited us to pair anything while the car was in motion or to set a POI via the navigation system. So it was a very pleasant surprise to not have to deal with that inconvenience.  Lastly, MyLink is also integrated into your auto dashboard – giving the driver full view and control from the steering wheel of the plotted POI or music. A traditionalist may see this encroaching on the sacred odometer territory, but in fact, it creates a safer driving experience, since most drivers currently need to look away to see where they are going or play the next song. But on the Impala 2LT, it is all within eyeshot now.

The interior seating of the front and back seats are extremely comfortable, and the bucket seats didn’t feel cramped at all. I especially appreciated the lumbar support that hit just the right part of my back that ached after a long day of work. Another nice plus is the inclusion of not one, but two USB ports for charging your devices, as well as power outlets. You could basically live out of the Impala if you wanted too.

Lastly, and probably one of the most impressive parts of the car is the trunk size. I was able to slide a 28″ bicycle into the trunk – fully assembled with the back seats turned down. The day after, I packed away a portable air conditioner. The trunk closed on both occasions and had enough room for even additional small bags.

However, one of the major gripes I do have with the Impala, is how hollow and plasticky the exterior feels. Just tap your hand on any part of the car and you get the sensation that you could easily ding it in a supermarket parking lot, or by someone opening their car door into it.  My other major complaint is the horn. While some may not use it that much, I certainly do use the horn a lot while driving in New York City – especially to keep those Taxi cabs away from me. That said, the horn is incredibly hard to hit and when you do, it hardly lets out a beep. If you smack the steering wheel dead center, the horn does operate better, but otherwise you just end up hurting your hand more than anything.


Overall, the 2014 Chevrolet Impala looks as good as it rides. The driving experience is super smooth and handles hard city driving well. Gas mileage is on par with 18MPG in the city versus the 28MPG for the highway. And while the MPG could be a tad better, at least it isn’t a gas guzzler. The 2014 Impala 2LT Sedan starts at $29,950 and can go as high as $36,165 with all the options.

The Good: New and refined design, spacious, outside-the-box interior detailing, MyLink System is super intuitive. Great trunk space.

The Bad: Horn is too hard to honk. Exterior feels a bit plasticky and hollow.


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  1. I have a 2014 2LT Impala and I just love it – except the horn which is bizarrely difficult to use! Epic fail on the horn design and something to consider if you use it a lot for city driving.

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