900 Blok Tables are Just in Time for July 4th

blokIf state pride runs really deep for you, get in on these new tables from 900 Blok.

Granted, that only goes for California, New York, and Texas residents – arguably the most prideful of the bunch, anyway. Three-legged tables for the three most populous states in the nation are available in green, yellow, black, or white. If you’re not from one of those three states, you can always make your choice on shape – California looks like it would make a mean coffee table in front of a sofa, while New York and Texas look solid for board games.

Or, you can get into the 4th of July spirit and go with the full-on USA coffee table (with apologies to Alaska and Hawaii). That one comes in orange, white, light green, black, or blue, and is quite a bit bigger than the state tables, appropriately. Still, a shame that Alaska and Hawaii couldn’t have been shoehorned in as mini-tables, or footstools, or coasters, or something.

The state tables are all selling for $219 from Urban Outfitters, while the USA coffee table is going for $299, and is only available online.

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