Acer Chromebook Comes to the People of Walmart for $199

acerIf you’re looking for a good, cheap new laptop, with a heavy emphasis on cheap, you might need to look no further than the new Acer C7-2856 Chromebook, which is hitting Walmart stores for $199.

The 11.6” Chromebook runs on an Intel Celeron processor, with 2 GB of DDR3 RAM and a 16 GB SSD, mainly for faster boot times. Specifically, the new C7 is supposed to boot up in about eight seconds, with near-instant wake-up times. There’s a 1.3 MP HD webcam on the front, too. Battery life is being put at about four hours, and the whole thing weighs a little more than three pounds.

It stays that cheap mostly because it’s a Chromebook – it runs on Google’s Chrome OS, which only runs Google and Chrome apps, cutting down on the need for speedy processors. It’s also a device very much built around cloud computing, which cuts down on the need for a lot of local storage space. So, if everything you do these days is on the cloud, and there’s nothing that Google can’t do for you, there’s a pretty capable laptop waiting for you at Walmart, for about as cheap as we’ve ever seen.

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