Sony Releases Action Cam Bundles for Pets and Bikes

dog-picIn late April, we saw that Sony released a few new accessories for their Action Cam, a small camera that you can strap to yourself or other things while you partake in crazy adventures like scuba diving, base jumping, or riding a bicycle through L.A. traffic. Now, those new accessories can be purchased in a more economical way, assuming you don’t already have an Action Cam.

Sony is now offering pet, golf, and bicycle bundles. Each bundle will include the Action Cam, a battery, a waterproof housing case, and an 8 GB MicroSD card. The golf bundle will also include a skeleton frame and a golf clip. The camera can be paired with the V1 app to analyze golf swings and find weaknesses. Maddeningly, the golf bundle will be in stores on June 17, the day after Father’s Day, for about $400.

The dog cam bundle will come with everything mentioned above, plus the dog harness announced in late April. That bundle will arrive in stores in July for about $330. The biking bundle will have everything mentioned plus the handlebar mount, and will be available on June 24 for $300.


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