Asus VivoPC and VivoMouse Shake Up Home Computing (A Little Bit)

At their Computex 2013 press conference in Taipei, Asus introduced a couple of new products under the Vivo name – the VivoPC and the VivoMouse.

The VivoPC is a Windows 8 PC, although you wouldn’t know it just from the looks of it. It’s designed with kind of a different purpose in mind – as a home media streaming center. The VivoPC will be able to stream audio and video to other devices and monitors using a 802.11ac Wi-Fi connection. For audio, there are built-in speakers with Asus’ SonicMaster technology, and the unit itself has two USB 3.0 ports and SATA 6 GB/s, hence the focus on streaming. Maybe the coolest part is that you can pop the top off easily and stick in additional system memory or a new hard drive without much fuss.

A new kind of PC needs a new kind of mouse – the VivoMouse. It’s essentially a mouse reimagined as a remote control. It can lay flat or be comfortably held in your hand. The control unit is the round touch pad at the end, which can be used easily with your thumb if you’re holding it in your hand. Otherwise, you can lay it flat and use it as a Windows 8 touch mouse, and it will recognize Windows 8-specific gestures.

As it often was with Asus’ Computex press conference, no pricing or availability details were offered for either device. Both do have that spiffy metallic concentric circle design thing going, so we have that, at least.

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