AT&T is Ready to Make Your @SummerBreak Awesome



The good news is that someone is approaching entertainment in a different way. The bad news is that reality entertainment might have seriously just jumped the shark. And I know that’s a bold claim, when you look at the history of reality television.

@SummerBreak, from AT&T, BBDO, and the Chernin Group, will not, in fact, be reality television. It’ll just be reality, filmed by a professional camera crew. Nine high school kids having their last summer break before college are going to post material on Twitter, Vine, Tumblr, Instagram, and YouTube – no television here. There’s going to be some production involved, but that will mostly be the minute-long daily YouTube episodes and the slightly longer weekly YouTube recap episodes. All of this will be posted in real-time – I’m sorry, I can’t do this with a straight face.

So, this whole thing is going to be what almost every single United States (and beyond, I’m sure) high school student is going to do this summer, minus the professional cameras and the recap episodes, which some might do anyway. Actually, scratch that – this what everyone on social media does, every day, all the time. I have no idea why this exists, except for the fact that it takes place in sunny Los Angeles and that the teens have been deemed screen attractive and “social media savvy” by the production team.

The production team is, ironically, touting the lack of production as what makes this whole deal unique. But, production, or the use of extraordinary scenarios, is the only thing that makes reality television watchable. It divorces “reality” from, well, reality. @SummerBreak is promising the latter, and I’m pretty sure everyone gets a steady dose of that already. About 15 – 19 hours worth, depending on your sleep habits. But, if you want to invest some of that time to watch a bunch of teenagers have beach parties in real-time, or close to it, rock on.

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