Beverly Hills 90H2O is the Champagne of Bottled Water

Like, oh my god, you drink tap water? That’s like, totally gross.

To be fair, Los Angeles tap water isn’t the greatest. That said, you can probably just grab some Aquafina or whatever and call it a day. But, today, we’re talking Beverly Hills, so we don’t have time for that plebeian nonsense. You need to go rouse your driver and have him take you to a boutique that sells Beverly Hills 90H2O.

The water in question has been developed (yeah, developed) by epicurean experts, including a water sommelier (yeah, water sommelier) by the name of Martin Riese. He is apparently the world’s foremost water sommelier, implying that there are more than one of them, which is a revelation in itself.

Beverly Hills 90H2O water starts out as mountain spring water from Northern California, because they certainly didn’t get it from the Los Angeles River. Minerals are added in some sort of combination that merits a patent, and there you go – water that has crisp and smooth used as adjectives to describe it. The press release rivals the water itself in sheer craftsmanship.

Apparently, this is now the world’s best-tasting water, because people totally drink water for the taste. In fact, this water is so good, it can be paired with meals, like wines. Because here I thought water went pretty well with, I don’t know, everything?

Beverly Hills 90H2O is available in luxury outlets like Montage Beverly Hills and Bulgari on Rodeo Drive, in a further effort to prove that you really can get some rich people to overpay for anything. That will be followed by a gradual worldwide launch in major cities and urban areas around the globe.

For now, the water will mercifully have a limited production run of 10,000 individually numbered glass bottles (of water), each of which comes with some sort of a unique art piece. It sounds like Beverly Hills 90H2O will be around to stay even after the initial run of 10,000.

So, what’s the damage? Maybe not as much as you might expect by this point, but a ridiculous amount for water nonetheless – $14 for a bottle of Beverly Hills 90H2O, although I guess you have to factor markup from the fancy glass bottle in there, too. It’s also available in a 12-pack for $164. But that’s a small price to pay for being able to swish water around in a wine glass and extend your pinky while you drink it.



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  1. Do you really think water taste always the same? Water has so many taste profiles, it can be sweet to bitter, or salty to smooth, therefore not every water can be pairing with food and wine. Fiji taste differently that Voss. I have been to Europe several times, drinking water is way more sophisticated than here in the US. You can even take courses on the topic water. I saw Restaurants with water menus, for them its a normal thing. That we are here in the US making fun of these is typical for our country. ChipChick: you should actual first research before you making fun of a company which I think is trying to create something special.

  2. Drinking something that is required for remaining alive has f*ck-all to do with sophistication. This is marketing, pure and simple. And if you’re a shill for the IBWA, Gregory…for shame.

  3. Hey, I just think that almost everybody here in the US dosn’t care about the water which there are drinking. Lets face it, TAP water in LA is not good, and with all the chlorine inside, definitely not healthy. I agree with you, its important that every human being should have access to clean drinking water. But obviously 9OH2O has nothing to do with hydration, what I am reading its designed to pair with fine food and wine. At least they created something and not just pulled tap water into a pretty bottle. You do not need to buy it, but I will give it a try.

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