BlackBerry Q10 Gets Colorized by Colorware

screenshot_1225The BlackBerry Q10 is still taking its sweet time to get in stores (it’s happening this month), but at least now you can be rewarded for your patience with a splash of color from Colorware.

Colorware has custom painted BlackBerry Q10s available now on their website. You can hit the design studio, which has 46 different colors (some solid, some metallic) that you can apply to five parts of the Q10. The frame, the front bar under the keyboard, the top part of the back, the rest of the back, and the BlackBerry logo can all be individually colored. The studio has a randomizer button to get you started on your design work, and you can save designs for later at any time.

The Q10 you’ll be getting will be unlocked and customized, hence the high price – $1,100. So, if you’re really excited about a brand new BlackBerry phone with a physical keyboard, here’s how you can go all-out. Once you put in your order, you can expect your bursting-with-color Q10 after two weeks. Also, this means that you’ll be able to have your pink BlackBerry, after all.

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