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Bluffs, The Do-It-All Pants, The Perfect Gift for Dad – Review

Lots of Dads choose comfort over fashion at some point, and they deserve it! They work hard and want to be comfortable doing it. Fortunately, Bluff Pants offers the best of both worlds – they look like a nice pair of flat front trousers or slacks, but they can be worn hiking, traveling, and exercising as well. Plus, there is no ironing required. You can easily fold them up and shove them in a backpack without worrying what they’ll look like when unpacked. They are also very breathable, comfortable to wear, while looking very stylish and suave.

We can personally attest to their durability on our grueling 10 day, 80 mile trek in Nepal’s Annapurna. Pictured is Stephen at the Chomrong pit stop on the trek. Already 4 days into the trek and the pants look awesome. They were comfortable and never chafed. They washed easily and dried fast. This is due to a very specific Polyester blend that owner Stefan Loble created.  Most polyester blends end up looking like cheesy travel pants, but not these. They are so moisture wicking that in the heat of the say while hiking, they didn’t even stay wet from sweating!

The fit is a very attractive athletic fit too. The legs are slim, but not too slim. The gusset construction allows for movement without frays or chafing. You can tell someone put a tremendous amount if thought and love into the design. The lines and structure stay in the pants through all the beating they go through. The material hasn’t scuffed or worn out at all.

The company Bluff Works is a Kickstarter darling. The owner is a “Dad First” type of guy, who dove head first into this idea. The company is focused on being sustainable, despite how difficult that is for a small company to do so. This care and confidence is exemplified in their guarantee that if you don’t like the pants, they will take them back, for any reason, whenever. That is a man confident in his product.

The sizing options are a real plus with Bluffs. My husband is extremly tall at 6’6″, so finding him pants is always hard. Bluff Works let’s you choose from a variety of sizes for the waist and length, all with a sizing guide. So those with hard to find sizes will be happy here. They come in 4 colors, Khaki, Brown, Grey, and Dark Grey. We tested out the Grey and Dark Grey as pictured above. At $80 a pop, these are more than fairly priced, considering any travel, or outdoors type of specialized pant is usually $100+, but these have the added benefit of doubling as a dress pant. The lightweight construction is every backpacker’s dream. Just throw in a pair of these pants and you are set for any number of vacation scenarios: a nice dinner to a 10 day trek. See Bluff Works for more info.

The Good: Great practical design, breathable and fast drying, moisture wicking gusseted seams

The Bad: None at all

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  1. Do NOT purchase Bluff Works’ pants. Sure, they don’t wrinkle, but the whole “adventure/climbing” pants is 100% B.S.

    I can not walk up a normal fight of stairs without these pants feeling like they are going to rip at the crotch seams. Bluffworks sent me a generic response to my concern about “not fitting every man” but it seems pretty obvious that if one of your main selling points is “climbing a corporate ladder” and you can’t lift your leg more than a footstep’s height, than you have made pants with a serious flaw.

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