Coach and Tivoli Partner on Lux Leather Wrapped Radio

tivoliTivoli is getting ready for summer with a brand new line of leather-swaddled versions of their PAL BT Bluetooth Portable Radio.

Coach gets the assist on the leather side, partnering up with Tivoli to put a new twist on their classic-looking Bluetooth radios. The PAL BT Bluetooth Portable Radio has an AM/FM tuner, alongside Bluetooth connectivity, so you can use it as a Bluetooth speaker for your mobile devices while you’re at the beach or poolside this summer. Four colors will be available, all of which are covered with burnished leather from Coach. The line will include Vintage Royal, Bonfire, Clover, and Fawn. The fifth radio you see up there (top left) is called Surf, and is lizard-wrapped.

The leather Coach PAL BT radios from Tivoli will cost $348 each, while the lizard-wrapped version will retail for a cool $1,000.

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