CTA Digital Kids Drawing Easel for iPad is Perfect for Messy Kids


Doodling on the iPad just isn’t the same as doing art the old-fashioned way. Something about hovering over a glowing screen might not get the artistic juices flowing. Well, now you can at least get that art class feeling back into art for your kids, with this Drawing Easel from CTA Digital.

The easel features an iPad case attached to one side, which can rotate into landscape or portrait modes. The artsy feelings really start flowing in once your kid picks up the crayon-shaped stylus that comes with the easel.


But, it’s not all digital with this thing. The reverse, non-iPad case side is a dry-erase marker board. Sadly, only one dry-erase marker comes with the easel, but at least it has a nifty eraser cap! A full-sized eraser is also included, because erasing the entire board with a marker cap-sized eraser probably isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time.

Inspiring your future iPad Picasso will run you about $40 on Amazon.

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