Custom Yellow Pikachu Gameboy Makes Me Miss My Youth

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Etsy shop 8BitAestheticsCom has rejuvenated an original Game Boy in the best way, with a wonderfully throwback hand-drawn rendition of Pikachu right on the front.

On top of a skillfully drawn Pikachu looking like he’s bringing down Thunderbolt, the D-Pad, Start/Select buttons, and A/B buttons have all been replaced with new parts. There’s also a yellow LED power indicator on the face, along with a red-trimmed scratch-resistant screen protector. There’s a clear coating over the hand-painted work, to prevent fading or damage. If you still have a Pokemon Red or Blue cartridge laying around somewhere, go find it, and bring it back to a proper home.

The hand-painted custom Pikachu Game Boy is selling on Etsy now for about $150, which is a pretty sweet deal considering you get some nice Pokemon artwork and a working legend of handheld gaming history in the Game Boy itself.