Dewar’s Uses 80,000 Bees To Create the Ultimate 3-D Printing Project

Trying to create buzz for their new blend of whisky and honey, Scottish whisky maker Dewar’s is putting their own twist on the idea of 3-D printing. It’s 3-B printing, and you can witness it now by heading over to Ustream.

Bees. That’s pretty much what’s going on here. Bees make the honey that goes into Dewar’s Highlander Honey, a new blend that contains honey, natural flavors, and Dewar’s White Label Blended Scottish Whisky. 80,000 of those bees will also make their natural honeycombs in the shape of a bottle of whisky, with the framework laid out for them. The bees will be inside an environment with ample access to pollen and nectar, allowing them to build the honeycomb structure around the basic molds provided for them – the bottle of whisky and a bust of the Drinking Man, Dewar’s mascot of sorts.

You can watch the results via a live stream on Ustream, which started yesterday and will last until June 30.

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