Eastern Collective Braided Lightning Cable Review

Get wild with your cables. Eastern Collective might just have the coolest charging and audio cables out there, plus they even stock the coveted Apple Lightning cable(!). Their cables are all braided and patterned in fun color schemes. Not only do the Eastern Collective cables look great, but they’re super durable and won’t easily wear. They also come in all sizes!

One foot lightning cable? Check. Extra long 6 foot lightning cable? You bet. And I must say, the extra long lightning cable makes all the difference. When I’m at work, the 2XL foot cable runs behind my desk down to the plug outlet, with plenty of slack for me to use my phone reclining in my chair. It’s also awesome at hotels where bedside plug outlets don’t exist.

Eastern Collective has cables for every iOS device (lightning and 30pin) and pretty much any other phone/tablet or USB accessory with their Micro USB cables, mini-USB cables, and 30-pin Samsung Galaxy cable. They even offer standard auxiliary audio cables which will work with speakers and even some headphones. Almost all of their cables come in small, regular, and 2XL sizes.

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 3.46.07 PM

It’s worth noting that our review unit lightning cable charges iPhone 5 running the iOS 7 beta, however there was a notification that it’s not a certified cable. This will hopefully be resolved by the time iOS 7 is officially released. There’s no such message on iOS 6 and charging speeds are just as good as Apple’s official lightning cable.

Distinguish yourself with the coolest cables around. They don’t just look cool and feel great, but they won’t wear down like your other cables. Tangling is a problem of the past. The only real problem you’ll have with the Eastern Collective cable collection is your friends refusing to return borrowed cables. Eastern Collective cables start at $13.95 for the miniature cables and work their way up to $26.95 for the 2XL cables. If you were going to pay Apple $19 for their certified lightning cable, it’s worth the extra $5 to get the coolest cable around. These amazing cables are currently available from EasternCollective.com.

The Good: Durable, Tangle-resistant, Awesome designs and color schemes, Different size cables, Cables for almost all smart phones
The Bad: Some varieties are currently out of stock, iOS 7 beta says Lightning cable is not Apple certified.

Update: Eastern Collective has told us that they are in the process of becoming MFI certified by Apple

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