Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 4G LTE Tablet Becomes AT&T Exclusive

samsung galaxy note 8 4G LTE-580-75Formerly only available in the United States as a Wi-Fi only tablet, the Samsung Galaxy 8.0 is getting a 4G LTE refresh courtesy of AT&T.

For now, AT&T will be the only carrier with the 4G LTE version. Unlike the international 3G version, the Note 8.0 still won’t be a phone, so we should be spared from seeing people holding 8” tablets up to their heads for now. Other than the addition of 4G LTE, the Note 8.0 is the same as the Wi-Fi only version already available.

It’s not yet known when the 4G LTE version of the Note 8.0 will go on sale, or how much it will cost. For reference, the Wi-Fi version is selling for $400, so you can expect the price to be a good deal north of there. Also, if you buy this 4G LTE version, you’ll also got 50 GB of free storage from AT&T, through their AT&T Locker service.

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