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Grumpy Cat Kigurumi Costume Reeks of NO!

catWell, for starters, if you want to dress up as an angsty feline for Halloween this year, now you’re set.

But, the Grumpy Cat Kigurumi Costume is meant to be a suit for all seasons – or, I guess, probably just for the cold ones. It’s a full body cat suit, sort of like a Super Mario Bros. 3 reject. This is your standard cat suit (yeah, I know, standard cat suit), with the visage of the Internet’s most pleasantly unpleasant cat, Grumpy Cat, up top. Grumpy Cat is kind of a big deal these days.

The costume comes in one-size, which fits taller people well, and is “appropriately” baggy on medium-sized people and “adorably” baggy on shorter people. The Grumpy Cat Kigurumi Costume can be pre-ordered (yeah, I know, pre-ordering a cat suit) for $60. It’ll ship in September, just in time for Halloween.

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