For a Cool $2 Million, IMAX Home Theater Can Be Yours


OK, you know how sometimes we talk about things like the high-end market, or low or mid-range devices. Apparently, it’s time to introduce a new term into that lexicon – the ultra-high-end market. Brace yourselves.

Put all this together – you know that going to see a movie in IMAX is way more expensive than seeing it on a regular screen. You know that, at least in the early going, even modest-sized 4k televisions are going to be back-breakingly expensive. You know that 7.1-channel surround sound doesn’t come cheap, either. Now, put all that together, in a home. It’s possible, straight from the IMAX Corporation itself.

The IMAX Private Theater contains, first and foremost, an in-actual-fact wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling 4k, 3D projection IMAX screen. That’s complete with an image enhancer straight from IMAX, designed to improve video quality of non-4k content. Of course, that’s backed up by 7.1-channel surround sound, which is naturally laser-aligned, along with sound calibration tech that automatically keeps your speakers in perfect sync on the daily. All of this can be used with anything – movies, television, or video games. Anything that can show up on a (really, really) big screen.

And, because why not, you’ll also get an integrated touch screen control interface and a commemorative plaque, although I don’t know what the point of that last one is. I don’t know that anyone is going to walk in and see a full-on IMAX home theater, only to question whether or not it’s genuine. I think this one should be pretty obvious on its face.

And, because whoever gets this will be a very special customer, they’ll have access to 24/7 support and maintenance for the obscene amount of high technology they now have on their no doubt sizable premises.

So, about that ultra-high-end market bit. How ultra are we talking about? Whoever buys this thing is going to drop $2 million on it. So, if $2 million is just, like, whatever to you, take note. The Godzilla of home theater systems is here, and it will not be topped for quite some time, I think.

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