LSTN Bowerys Wood In-Ear Headphone Review

The LSTN brand may be new to the headphone market, but we have to hand it to them, they’ve figured it out right off the bat. We just reviewed the LSTN Fillmores, on-ear headphones covered in beautiful ebony wood, and they blew us away with their very warm and high fidelity audio reproduction. Not surprisingly, the LSTN Bowery In-Ear wood-cased earbuds feature the same high quality and natural audio reproduction. The Bowerys are also handcrafted in recycled wood and every pair of headphones purchased helps to restore the hearing of a child in need.

The LSTN Bowery In-Ear headphones remind us of the ThinkSound TS02 In-Ears both in design and performance. Both have a natural wood casing that plays an amazing role in producing a phenomenal warm audio experience.

The Bowerys use recycled wood that has not been dyed. The beautiful cherry, ebony, and beach wood finishes are au naturale and reclaimed from throwaway scrap wood. The shape and size of the earbud is pretty standard. The comfortable silicon ear tips come in three sizes. There’s nothing special about the fit; if standard in-ears fit, then these should be no problem. They’re not heavy, so they won’t weigh down on your ear.

LSTN uses fantastic audio cables on their headphones, they’re wrapped in vinyl. It doesn’t just look great and feel awesome, it’s tough and resilient to tangling. There’s a discreet inline ControlTalk button that has a microphone located on the left near your jaw. It’s great for controlling music, voice activation, and making/taking phone calls. The microphone works great as does the button. The only thing it’s missing is volume buttons. Compatibility will vary, but the control and mic should work with any iOS device, Android, and Blackberry.

The LSTN Bowerys sound fantastic, especially for the money. They’re ultra clear and vivid. The audio reproduction is warm and natural, a feature that’s mostly attributed to the wood build. These Bowerys can get really bass-y, and it’s rarely overwhelming. Most listeners will note how clear and detailed they sound, and they really do. If you don’t consider yourself an audio snob, you’ll be blown away. The lows, mids, and highs are superb. My only gripe is that the mid-range audio can sometimes sound a bit recessed, but it’s just nitpicking. They’re great in-ears for virtually any genre.

At $50, the LSTN Bowerys in-ear headphones are a no-brainer. The only reason you should consider other in-ear headphones is if you have finicky ears that require a more specific fit. Like the ThinkSounds, they could be priced around $100 and they’d still be great. The build is durable and they come with a carrying pouch. If you fancy superior audio, neat design, and good causes, you’ll be extremely pleased with the LSTN Bowerys. For now they’re only available at LSTNHeadphones.com and come in Cherry Wood, Ebony Wood, or Beech Wood finishes.

The Good: Rich audio, Supports children in need, Made of real stylish recycled wood, Great cord that doesn’t tangle and includes ControlTalk+Mic, Includes carrying pouch
The Bad: No volume buttons on ControlTalk

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