Man of Steel Merch Runneth Over with Headphones and Battery Packs

Well, looks like it’s time to stock up on your merchandise of steel in preparation for next week.

With the Superman reboot Man of Steel coming out on the 14th, the obligatory merchandise rush has begun, most notably with some sharp-looking earphones, battery packs, and pouches from Gavio. First up is the literal earphones of steel – the Metallon Zinc earphones actually have speaker housings made of a zinc alloy, along with a cool blue color and flat, non-tangle blue cords. The Gruuve Gazz earphones are a little more traditional Superman, with red and blue and the yellow S. These also have flat, non-tangle cords and, like the Metallon Zinc earphones, have an in-line microphone.

Gavio also has their Jackin’ Juice external battery power decked out in art from the upcoming movie. The pack is powered by a 2,800 mAh battery, and has one USB port, so your Super Charger is going to have to make some tough ethical decisions about which of your devices to save, and I’ll bet that’s going to be really dramatic.

Finally, we have the Plush Pocket, a silicone pocket that you can stick on any device using the light adhesive on the back. The pouch can carry wallet stuff like money or cards. It comes in black, blue, or red – either way, you’ll also get a sweet Superman logo stamped on the back, too.

You can buy all of Gavio’s Man of Steel wares now. Metallon Zinc and Gruuve Gazz are selling for $56 and $48, respectively. Jackin’ Juice is also going for $48, while the Plush Pocket is available for $16. Problem is, all that’s only available in Singapore, so if you want some sweet Superman swag, here’s hoping you know someone in Singapore who can hook that up for you.

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