Microsoft Chip In Program Lets Students Crowdsource Their Own PC

screenshot_1234Students, do you need a new computer for school? That’s a bummer, because those things cost a lot. So, Microsoft wants to help you out, by making it really easy to panhandle – er, crowdsource funding for your new notebook.

Using Microsoft’s Chip In program, students with a valid .edu e-mail address can sign up for a Chip In page. Once you have that, you can select which Windows 8 PC you want. From there, it’s pretty much like Kickstarter – send that page around and hope you notch your funding goal by September 1, which is when the program ends. To get you started, Microsoft will put down the initial 10 percent of the PC’s cost.

To sweeten the pot, the first 10,000 students who successfully fund their new PCs through Chip In will also get a four-year subscription to Office 365, along with 20 extra GB of SkyDrive storage and 60 Skype minutes, good for international as well as domestic calls.

If you’re a student and hard up for cash, and have a computer that you just know will break down right when midterms roll around, you should probably give Chip In a look. It’s definitely worth a try.


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