New JOBS Trailer Makes Us Miss Steve Even More


It’s getting closer – JOBS is set to be released in theaters on August 16th. With a release date set, that means we also get a new trailer and new photos. The movie smartly markets itself as being “inspired by true events.” And rightly so, since even Woz himself has already stated that certain things that take place in the movie, aren’t actually reality.

The newly released trailer also brings a new tagline: “The original innovator. The original rebel. The original visionary.” While that is all well and good – there are actually many others who were original rebels and innovators – anyone remember Thomas Edison or Andrew Carnegie?

From the trailer, it looks like the film will see Ashton as Steve Jobs, transform over the years until his untimely death. One thing is for sure, Apple could use any sort of publicity right now and why not take advantage of a movie about their former leader – it could certainly serve as a cheerleader for them.

_DSC9284.NEF JOB_2895.NEF

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