Office Mobile App Arrives on iPhone for Office 365 Subscribers

If you’re an Office 365 subscriber and an iOS user, you finally have a better option than the Office Web apps. An official Office Mobile App is now available for iOS, and it’s free for Office 365 subscribers.

The Office Mobile iOS app brings Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to iOS devices. You’ll be able to fetch all of your documents using integrated SkyDrive and SkyDrive Pro support, then view them, edit them, or leave comments. The app preserves formatting when you move from desktop to mobile and back again, too. The interface, on the other hand, has been built specifically for mobile, including slider bars to navigate slides in PowerPoint. Office Mobile adds to other Office 365 services already on iOS, like OneNote, SharePoint, Yammer, Lync, SkyDrive, and I suppose we have to technically include Skype.

Thanks to this app, you can open email attachments using Office Mobile, and there will be support out of the gate for charts, animations, and SmartArt graphics. Recently viewed documents will stay in local storage, for offline viewing and editing.

Currently, Office Mobile is only available to United States subscribers, although Microsoft is saying that an international version should be ready soon. Office Mobile can be downloaded now from the iTunes App Store for free for Office 365 subscribers.



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