Ouya Don’t Know Jack


The open-source, rootable Android development playground that is Ouya will be out soon for those who didn’t help Kickstart it. Being a game console, you might be wondering what kinds of games are available for it. You might think that it’s going to be full of brand-new, indie titles from all over the place, but, as it turns out, You Don’t Know Jack.

Yes, Jellyvision Games is reaching way back into the past, bringing back You Don’t Know Jack and hoping to restore it to its original ’90s glory. For those who don’t know (Jack), You Don’t Know Jack is a trivia game that requires knowledge of sometimes inane subjects, and will heckle you mercilessly if you lack knowledge of said subjects. Much of that heckling will come from the virtual host, Cookie Masterson, a classic of the old ’90s series.

As you might imagine, trivia and insults combine to make a pretty solid party game. In the Ouya version, there’s a party play mode where more people can play by using their own iOS or Android devices. For those familiar with the series, this version will be – well, familiar. All the same categories and musical intros are back, and you can still Screw Your Neighbor. It’s like Jack never left, or maybe more like if he left, wandered the deserts somewhere, came back, made a desperate revival attempt (Facebook version), couldn’t get off the ground, then got a face lift and came back again.

As per Ouya’s requirements, you can play You Don’t Know Jack somehow for free. In this case, that somehow is a free trial game, 11 questions in length. The paid upgrade will unlock the full game, but there’s no word on how much that paid upgrade will cost. Look for You Don’t Know Jack on the Ouya Store once the Ouya comes out on June 25.

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