Playboy Gets Classy With Andy Warhol Inspired Bluetooth Speaker


It looks like Playboy is finally getting around to becoming a merchandise brand that sells things other than magazines (great articles, there). Well, actually, there are places in the world where Playboy is just an honest-to-goodness apparel brand with no sordid implications, but Playboy merchandise on a grand scale is new to the United States, at least.

And, like any good brand taking their name and slapping it on merchandise, Playboy is doing it with speakers and cases. They’re also getting Andy Warhol into the mix, so it’s looking like a perfect storm here. Playboy is selling three new products – a Bluetooth speaker, a wireless keyboard, and an iPad case – featuring the artwork on the cover of the January 1986 edition of Playboy, done by Warhol. The iPad case is probably the best of the bunch – a full-on re-creation of the original magazine cover.


The Bluetooth speaker is selling for about $60, while the keyboard and iPad case are selling for $50 and $20, respectively. Admittedly, that $20 price point seems pretty good considering where tablet case prices have gone lately, and that this one is bearing Warhol art.

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