Prepare Your CakeFace – Twinkies Are Coming Back this Summer


Back in March, we learned that after bad business and a baker’s strike put them under, Hostess was coming back from the dead. Now that Apollo Management Group’s purchase of Hostess’ name and assets has been finalized, the fruits of the deal – Twinkies, Ho Hos, and all your other powdery or otherwise friends – are on their way back. The morbidly obese void left on store shelves is finally about to get filled with all the familiar cream filling your arteries can handle.

Excited? Good news – there’s a countdown. Once it’s all zeroes, you can hop in the car and tear off to wherever you used to get Hostess goodies from. You’ll finally be able to buy Twinkies again, and I’m already imagining scenes reminiscent of Black Friday going down when this timer expires. In preparation for the big day (July 15), Hostess is asking everyone to get to Vine and get their Cake Face on. What is Cake Face? Judging from the entries so far, it’s pretty much whatever you want it to be.

So, go on, prepare your Cake Face, then prepare your arteries – the return of the Twinkie is imminent.

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