Quollective App Lets You Hoard Your Favorite Quotes


It’s happened to all of us. You hear or read something inspiring and you just have to jot it down somewhere. I know, I have been inspired by a Real Housewife from Bravo now and then – that I just have to save to memory their wise, wise words.

Now those little quips that get you up in the morning or let you sleep at night can hop off the post-its and onto your smartphone. Not that they couldn’t before. It’s just now there’s a specific app for it.

Using Quollective, a new iPhone app, you can type in your inspirational quote of the day/week/month/life, then save it in one of 26 styles – a mixture of plain post-it backgrounds and different fonts. All your quotes for all your occasions can be stored onto one app and, if the proliferation of quote posts on Facebook suggests anything, can and will be shared on social networks.

But, the app’s stylings do mean you have one less reason to use paper post-its, so score one for trees. Quollective is available now on the iTunes App Store for free.


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