Plan a Fourth of July Road Trip with Roadtrippers


Google Maps is already a pretty mean road trip planning tool by itself, but Roadtrippers is taking the process a couple steps further, aiming to be the ultimate stop for those planning on hitting the open road for the 4th of July.

After selecting a beginning and end point, you can choose from a list of types of attractions, like restaurants, national parks, museums, and amusement parks – basically, any kind of place for any kind of road trip, be it with friends or family. In practice, it’s pretty much like using Google Maps to get driving directions, then sticking waypoints in between the start and finish. You can also narrow the choices down by how far away roadtrippers’ suggested locations are from the route you’ve built. Helpfully, the site also keeps a running tab on how long you’re going to travel, how much time it’s going to take, and, most importantly, about how much gas money you’re going to need. Good thing you’ll be splitting that cost.


Probably the only downside to the site is that it sort of forgets that road trips tend to end where they began. I mean, usually that happens – I don’t know how crazy your road trips get. Maybe you’re trying to channel Kerouac, and if so, godspeed. For everyone else, you can get around the site’s one-way mentality by just entering the same location as both the start and end point. If you make your first waypoint a place around where you think your outer limits are going to be, you can kind of build two separate routes from there, for going and coming back.

If you’re hungry for more information about places across the contiguous 48, Alaska, and Canada, there’s also quick links to blogs and guide books on the sidebar.

Roadtrippers should be a pretty handy road trip planner if you’re looking for adventure this summer. The only minor annoyance is that you need to create an account or sign in with Facebook to add more than two waypoints, but such is life. If you do make an account, you can save your routes as you struggle to break through the indecision that usually plagues road trip planning.

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  1. Awesome article! 🙂 One tip is using the Saved Places as a way to save loads of cool places along your trip, then adding places from the list to your trip as you get closer to hitting the road. This helps a bit with that darn indecision plague 🙂

    There are lots of updates coming soon (like scenic byways!), so stay tuned!

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