Satechi Releases Portable USB Humidifier for Summer

humidifier_in_purse_webThose hotel room water bottles aren’t just for drinking anymore. Portable humidifiers are popping up all over the place, and the latest is this USB Portable Humidifier from Satechi.

The small, travel-sized humidifier screws on to the top of a water bottle like a lid, using the water inside to provide water vapor outside. There’s a filter that dips down into the water that creates the vapor, which makes the air around you more breathable – pretty handy if you’re staying in arid environments. And, if you don’t have a home humidifier, this one will do nicely, just as a personal solution.

The humidifier is USB-powered, and will run all night, shutting off automatically after eight hours of use. The package comes with two filters, which Satechi recommends should be changed every three months, assuming regular use.

The Satechi USB Portable Humidifier is available now from Satechi and on Amazon for an introductory price of about $23.

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