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Best Sci-Fi Shows of Summer

See, the best part about this list and the times we live in is that some seasons are going on right now, some seasons are already over, some haven’t begun, and none of it matters, because we have the Internet. So, if you’re looking for a few new addictions to start this summer while your regular favorites are lying dormant, or if you want to try (unsuccessfully) to fill the void that will be left by Game of Thrones after this Sunday (how’s recovery going, by the way?), do yourself a favor and observe the five shows below that could do with a little more love. Or, just watch Game of Thrones over and over again. That will probably work, too.



Orphan Black

Best known for being the first show or movie to have the lead play multiple roles and for that to not be a terrible idea, Orphan Black stars Tatiana Maslany as at least seven clones, but who knows what the final count will be once this show wraps up. The only thing that will surprise you more than the sheer number of roles Maslany plays is the fact that, after a while, you’ll almost stop realizing all these clones are being played by the same person. You can clone genetics, but you can’t clone personality. And, here’s a double dose of good news for the clone show – a second season has been picked up for 2014 on BBC America, and the first season just wrapped up last week, so you can dig in uninterrupted.




Continuum is a time travel show based on a 2077 world where a few ultra-powerful corporations run an immensely powerful surveillance state (wonder where they found inspiration for that). A few people get thrown back in time to the present day – some of them wanting to change the future, others wanting to preserve it. And, I know that for many, seeing the words “time travel” will rightly cause consternation. Worry not – the creators have asserted that they have set time travel rules, and are following them to the letter as the show unfolds. Let’s hope they’re telling the truth. The second season is going on now on Showcase in Canada, just kicked off on Syfy in the UK, and just had its US Syfy premiere on Friday. So, you have some catching up to do with the first season. Hop in the Netflix/Hulu/whatever-you-use time machine and get to it.




A show featuring humans and several races of aliens, trying to live together on an Earth that got messed up real bad after a war with said aliens. If the idea of humans trying to get along with several races of aliens on a blasted Earth sounds like the premise for a video game, well, yeah, because Defiance is both a television show and a game. The show follows characters in the ruins of St. Louis, while in the game (an MMORPG for the Xbox 360, PS3, Windows and Steam), you’ll hop over to what’s left of San Francisco. The show tries to follow the best attempt at politics that can be made by a bunch of beings that were just trying to kill each other not that long ago (which, looking at the real historical record, is sort of a mixed bag). And, it’s right in the middle of its first season – still time to get caught up before the season finale on July 8. Also, know that your efforts will not go unrewarded – Syfy has already renewed it for a second season.



Warehouse 13

If you’re in need of something to last you a little longer than, you know, a couple days (see above, and your summer television viewing habits), look to Warehouse 13, which has a full three seasons under its belt, plus a fourth airing now. Try not to get too attached, though – the fifth and final season will kick off sometime in 2014. If you’re looking for lighter fare, this might be it – some have called it a cross between Raiders of the Lost Ark and The X-Files (hesitant as I am to invoke the names of legends). Warehouse 13 is filled with strange, supernatural artifacts, with a couple agents looking to go out and secure more. If you’re a fan of fellow Syfy shows Eureka and Alphas, there’s a little bit of crossover action to be found within Warehouse 13. The fourth season finale will air on July 8. You have a month.




Haven is based on a short story by Stephen King, so if you guessed that it takes place somewhere in Maine, you would be absolutely correct. In the show, the town of Haven is filled with people with emotional troubles. Trouble is, those troubles have lots of unintended (and supernatural) consequences. The main character, played by Emily Rose, starts as an outsider trying to figure out what is going on, and finds out she might be a little more involved in these troubles than she originally thought. The third season of Haven came to a close in January, with a fourth set to kick off this October on Syfy.


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