Scosche is Ready To Roll with the Bluetooth Smart Dice

Scosche - smartROLLWant to shoot craps in the break room and keep track of who owes whom what digitally, so no one can argue about it afterwards? Of course you do! With smartROLL from Scosche, you may yet get to live the dream.

OK, so this is intended for slightly more legal purposes. But that’s no less fun, right? The smartROLL dice are physical, six-sided dice (20-sided are in the works, I’m sure) that are capable of communicating with mobile devices via Bluetooth. That requires the use of a coin battery (should last a year), but worry not – the dice are still evenly weighted, so if anyone accuses them of being loaded, you should be able to rebuff them.

It goes without saying that these dice aren’t any better than your standard set of dice unless games are made that work with them. To that end, Scosche has released an SDK for developers, with the offer of advertising for early adopters on smartROLL packaging. The company is hoping that a showing at E3 will give smartROLL a little extra publicity to get them off the ground and bouncing off the back wall. Hopefully Scosche doesn’t crap out.

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