Skype Video Messaging Arrives

skype_logo-580x367Now that it’s here, it seems overdue, but at long last, all Skype users can leave video messages for others when both people aren’t online at the same time.

Roughly speaking, it’s the voicemail to Skype’s video calling. If the person you’re trying to reach isn’t signed on to Skype, you can record a video message for them, which they will receive the next time they sign into their account. Thankfully, you won’t have to upgrade to a premium account or anything to access this feature. Previously in beta, video messaging is now available to (almost) all Skype users for free.

All Skype users means those running Skype on desktop or on any mobile app – except, bizarrely, for Windows Phone 8 users. For now, you’ll be able to receive and view video messages on Skype for Windows Phone 8, but you won’t yet be able to send them. Not sure how that happened since Microsoft is running the show for both Windows Phone 8 and Skype, but there it is. It’s probably safe to say that feature will come sooner rather than later.

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