Slingshot Water-Resistant Speaker Turns Shower Time Into Party Time


Get ready for back-up vocals next time you hit your own personal shower studio. The Slingshot is here, and it can handle the torrents of even the mightiest of showerheads.

The Slingshot is an IPX4 water-resistant speaker, and it’s not a tinny one, either. It has beefed up bass response to ensure a range of 100 Hz to 10 KHz, so you’re not sacrificing quality sound for a water-resistant shell. Of course, the whole water-resistant thing would be rendered moot unless the Slingshot was Bluetooth-compatible – which it is, up to 33 feet. The sling you see in the picture is also included, so you can hang it from your showerhead and occasionally use it as a stand-in microphone.

The sling is silicone, and made for indoor shower use. There’s also a To Go Sling available for $20, which is better for carrying the Slingshot to the beach, lake, or any other place with splashing water. Emphasis on splashing water, by the way – it’s still a bad idea to actually take a dive with this thing.

The Slingshot is available with a rechargeable battery or as a model powered by 4 AA batteries. The former is selling for about $120, with the latter going for $100. It’ll pop up in Verizon stores on August 1, but you can order one now at BlueFlame.



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