Social Video Lab Helps Brands Determine the Next Big Viral Ad

Last year Unruly launched their Social Video Lab in London, a state of the art environment created for brands to navigate the viral video landscape in. This week the company unveiled their new Social Video Lab 2.0 in New York City. And one thing is for sure, and that is that a lot has changed over the past 12 months, especially when it comes to the analytics system that Unruly’s social video lab provides. To that effect, the system is looking more polished then ever.

Unruly’s Social Video Lab system is able to provide brands and marketers with video views, and to date the company has tracked over 329 billion video views. But at the heart of the system, it’s really the shares that are becoming key to understanding which videos are successful. Because lets face it – if you go to the effort of sharing a video, that speaks volumes. Unruly describes shares as the social currency, and their Lab 2.0 is able to interact with all of the social media API’s to track those shares. That includes Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and even newcomers like Vine.

Furthermore, with Unruly’s analytics you can show top videos for the last month, last year, or of all time. The system also helps brands understand trends to help predict what it takes to make the next great viral video. In particular, their ShareRank, technology, is an algorithm-based tool which uses over 10,000 data points to predict the number of shares a video will attract, before it is even launched. Their social video lab system also provides consumer insights by market, to further help brands effectively market to their desired audience.

But the ultimate secret to producing the next great viral video? Unruly says that the key to a successful video is creating the right emotional trigger. Or you could just hire a goat.


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