Speck ToughSkin Duo for iPhone 5 Review

The Speck ToughSkin Duo for iPhone 5 is two cases is one. ToughSkin offers iPhone supreme protection and if it ever feels too bulky, simply shed the outer skin and reveal a brand new case with a super sleek form factor. ToughSkin’s an awesome case for those of us that flipflop between careful and careless. It even comes with a detachable belt clip holster that doubles as a stand.

One reviewer on SpeckProducts.com phrases it nicely: “has a dope look 2 it”. With the external skin on, the case looks ultra rugged. The outer case is made of a stretchy rubbery silicone. Shed the skin and you’re left with a sleek plastic case that you can use as-is.

The inner case is a fully functioning iPhone 5 case, it exceeds iPhone’s face and offers a decent amount of protection. The case is somewhat rigid and form fitting. The fit could be slightly better from an appearance standpoint, but in terms of usability it’s been working out perfectly.

With the outer skin on, iPhone 5 becomes otterbox size and basically offers the same protection. It even weighs a bit less too. There’s no built-in screen protector, but this is a good thing–you can always just use your own.

This ToughSkin basically provides as much protection as possible without skimping on usability, it happens to be extremely capable. Even as someone who prefers minimalistic cases, this tough case hasn’t slowed me down one bit. Both the inner and outer case have button overlays for easy access to the lock and volume buttons. The headphone jack and charging port aren’t so large, but they’ll work with most headphones and chargers. My only gripe is, as with all rubberized cases, it doesn’t slide in and out of pockets so easily.

We can always count on Speck for some funky colors. The outer shell of this ToughSkin is army green and the inner case is butternut squash yellow. It’s also available in pomodoro red with a black interior, or black outer with a slate inner. It’s possible we see more colors in the futre. As if two-cases-in-one wasn’t enough, the ToughSkin Duo also comes with a belt holster clip. The clip swivels and can double as a stand. With a retail price of $39.95, you could make the ToughSkin Duo worth the price if you need a durable case. Luckily, it’s available for the ripe price of $25 from Amazon.

The Good: Nifty appearance, Two cases in one, Includes belt clip that double as a stand, Very durable, Fun color schemes, Good price on Amazon
The Bad: Inner case’s fit is slightly imperfect, Tough to get in and out of pocket due to rubberized finish

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