Tat Patch Dresses up Ripped Jeans, Prepares Legs for Winter

The shadowy cabal that decides fashion trends has deemed that a comeback is in order for ripped jeans for this year. But, if you’re not 100 percent down with taking a trip back to the ’90s, you can do ripped jeans a little differently with the Tat Patch.

There’s not a huge difference here between the Tat Patch and patches of old, except that the Tat Patch is easier to apply and made specifically to adorn the hole in ripped jeans. So, if you’re self-conscious about your knees, there will be upwards of 40 different designs to choose from to cover them up. The patches are adhesive – you would peel away the paper backing, press the patch down onto the jeans from the inside out, and then toss them in the dryer to firm up the adhesive. The patches are made from sweatshirt fabric, so they’ll still feel comfortable when you wear your tore-up jeans around.

Tat Patch has a Kickstarter going on to expand their operations, but if you’re just interested in getting a patch for yourself, you can snag one from their online store for $9.

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