Tory Burch Readies for a Lobster Bake with Latest iPhone Case

lobsterWhen you think of Summer, usually clam bakes and lobster bakes come to mind.  However, lobster’s might not be the first thing you associate with Tory Burch, but whatever works, right? The Lobster Silicone Case is ready to be your summer iPhone 5 accessory of choice. The claws reaching above the top sell it.

The red-on-pink silicone case features your favorite doomed crustacean, along with the obligatory Tory Burch logo in the lower right corner. Just resist the urge to strap rubber bands around it and chuck it into a pot of boiling water.

You can get your claws on this new iPhone 5 case now, from the Tory Burch online store. The Lobster Silicone Case is selling for $45 and comes in just one color – lobster color. With pink.

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