Trax24 Pal is a Portable SOS Button


There are a lot of solid apps out there for GPS tracking and emergency situations. The problem, sometimes, is that those things are on a phone – while useful, they’re not practical to use if you actually find yourself in an emergency situation, and your phone might be nicked by your assailant, anyway.

That’s why things like Trax24 Pal are made. Trax24 Pal is a tiny, rectangular device that has one button, and one button only. No display or anything, so it’s easy enough to hide inconspicuously. The device does quite a bit for its size, though – it offers GPS tracking, and allows designated people (i.e. moms) to track the whereabouts of the device and the person carrying it online, via secure servers.

That button on the Trax24 Pal is the SOS button. If the carrier feels threatened, they can push the button, which puts a few things into motion. First, it alerts Monitoring Partners, who are signed on as a 24/7 accompaniment to Trax24. They’ll be able to listen to and record audio streamed from the device – if an emergency situation is in progress (basically, if the responder deems it wasn’t an accidental press), local authorities are notified based on GPS. The button press will also send text and email alerts to your Buddy Network, a group of trusted contacts that you can set up once you receive the device.

Trax24 Pal is being recommended for parents, those concerned about personal safety, and for those who need to look after elderly loved ones. The Trax24 Pal device is selling now for about $150, but you’ll also need to pay for a monthly plan – $35 per month includes everything, $25 per month removes the Monitoring Partners responders from the deal.

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