Tylt Band Case for iPhone 5 Review

Tylt takes pride in nifty designs, and iPhone 5 is no exception. The latest case we have to review is basic in design, but snazzy on looks. The Tylt Band for iPhone 5 has the pizazz, protection, and usability that you crave.

We love the co-molded, dual-injected, one piece cases that combine a soft inner layer with a hard shell outer covering, even if it’s nothing too new. The hard shell has a matte finish and there’s a vibrant silicon band running through the back of the Tylt Band case and around the frame. It’s very comfortable to hold and relatively light and sleek.

The Tylt Band offers as much protection as most people will require. There’s a raised bezel running around iPhone’s face that should take the brunt of a drop. It also keeps iPhone from getting scratched when it’s laying face down.

There’s rubberized button overlays over the lock and volume buttons; they’re super comfortable to press and its pretty easy to toggle iPhone’s vibrate switch too. On the bottom of the case there’s two cutouts, one for the headphone port and another for the mic, speaker, and lightning port. Generally we prefer one large open cutout. The Tylt won’t fit in most lightning docks and it may limit large headphone plugs from fitting properly.

All-in-all, the Tylt is another fun everyday case. It’s got the perfect balance of features: distinguished, bright, protective, light, sleek, and comfortable. Our only real gripe is that the rubberized parts dirty pretty early. The Tylt Band for iPhone 5 Case is currently available in a variety of colors, there’s bright red on black, purple on black, grey on black, black on black, bright green on grey (pictured), bright pink on grey, and blue on grey. At $35 it’s slightly more expensive than your average iPhone case. On the toned down colors it could be worth the price, but since the brighter models dull quickly, it might be worth checking out another Tylt case (like Tylt Sqrd). All Tylt Band Cases for iPhone 5 are currently available from shop.tylt.com.

The Good: Fun colors and design, Protective, Nice form factor, Good button overlays
The Bad: Color dirtied and dulled quickly, Pricey

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