Tylt Cloak Aims to be the Ultimate Screen Protector for the S4

cloakGood smartphone cases are a dime a dozen, but what about screen protectors? Not so much, aside from thin covers that maybe protect against scratches. Tylt has a stronger solution.

Tylt Cloak is the most heavy-duty screen protector yet, made from material that was originally designed to protect aircraft parts. Needless to say, they are guaranteed for life. Your phone itself, however, is another story.

Cloak ought to do a fine job of protecting against scratches and scrapes, but also defeats another screen protector problem – bubbles. The sheets come with a special application squeegee, and the combination of both is guaranteed to provide bubbleless application. And, if you ever need to reposition, you can do so easily by wetting the protector a little.

Each pack comes with two screen protectors and the application squeegee. Cloak is available for the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III and 4. Cloak is selling for $25, and for right now, is only available for the iPhone 5. The Galaxy versions are coming soon.

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