VTech InnoTab 3 Tablet is Small in Size, but Packed with Fun for Kids

EMBARGOED UNTIL 6-24-13 - VTech InnoTab 3VTech takes a different approach toward the kids’ tablet than a lot of their competitors, opting for a more closed-off device that relies on proprietary software. But, as long as that software is quality and educational, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it’s proven to be a good thing – VTech’s last learning tablet, the InnoTab 2S, sold fairly well.

The latest from VTech, the InnoTab 3, is more of the same. Measuring 4.3″, the touchscreen is a little smaller than the InnoTab 2S – and as you can see, most of the body is made up of the rubber child-safe grips and the bezel that houses the controls. Functionally, it’s at least a little open. Kids can upload mp3s and videos to the device, and can use the 2 MP 180 degree rotating camera to take pictures and video, which they can use to customize the home screen. However, unlike the 2S, there will be no Wi-Fi on the 3, but that’s probably OK. The main reason the 2S had Wi-Fi was to let kids shop around for apps and eBooks to put them on wish lists that parents could view later on their own devices. The wish list will now be gone, but Wi-Fi was never a big part of the InnoTab series anyway, so leaving it out is probably better for pricing.

Parents and kids can use other devices to shop around for VTech educational material on the Learning Lodge, which ranges from eBooks to apps to games. As always with the InnoTab, those are available as both downloads and cartridges – yes, VTech is still sticking with the old cartridge system, at least for now. The InnoTab 3 will come stocked with 16 free apps out of the box.

You can pre-order the VTech InnoTab 3 now for about $70, in white/blue or white/pink. The ship date hasn’t yet been determined.

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