Watchup iPad App is for Newscast Videos Junkies

Watchup is a new app that aims to take the channel switching/website browsing out of watching the news, taking video from several sources and pulling it all into a personalized, streaming news channel.

Right from the start, Watchup will be working with over 100 news outlets, including CNN, the Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, and Al Jazeera. It’s a worldly mix, with lots of coverage for different interests. Watchup users can select the outlets or topics that interest them the most, and Watchup will automatically put together a streaming channel for you to watch, featuring the latest news videos published.

While you’re watching your news feed (except, real news this time), you can read related articles, share news stories, and tinker with your preferences. Watchup can also be made to deliver your news stream at a certain time during the day (say, a few minutes after you wake up), and this can be changed on the fly while watching the news, too.

Currently, Watchup is only available for the iPad. It’s free now on the iTunes App Store.

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