Factor Bikes’ $13K Vis Vires Bicycle is a Wireless Monitoring Device

Maybe you’ve been getting into biking more lately, but I don’t know if you’ve gotten this into it. For the price of a cheap car, you can have what is being marketed as the world’s most high-tech bicycle.

Factor Bikes‘ Vis Vires, a new line of bicycles, is built from the ground up with wireless sensor technology throughout. That and the price means the bike is directed more at professional cyclists, but exercise enthusiasts with money to burn might also want to take note. The wireless sensor tech is based on ANT+, which is commonly used in athletics devices, and monitors heart rate, speed, cadence, and power output. The bikes also come with a Garmin Edge 510 or 810, which will come mounted on the handlebars and show fitness information in addition to being a GPS device.

As for power output, power cranks developed by Factor are used to measure power individually for the left and right leg, before producing both composite sets of data and sets of data for each leg. At 15.2 pounds to 16.3 pounds, the sleek Vis Vires bikes are built for speed, too. These aren’t going to be just for cruising around town.

The two models will be called the Ultegra Di2 and Dura-Ace Di2. The cheaper 16.3-pound Ultegra will come with a Garmin Edge 510 and without the power cranks for $7,830, although a model with the Factor Power Cranks will be available for $10,441. Either way, the Ultegra model won’t be available until next January. The crown jewel is the 15.2-pound Dura-Ace, which will come with a Garmin Edge 810 and the Factor Power Cranks. That one will be $13,051 when it hits this August.



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