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2013 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart AWC is Fast and the Furious Worthy

When you think race car – a Mitsubishi doesn’t usually come to mind. Well the 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart AWC is certainly a speedy little guy for a compact car.

When you get behind the wheel of the Ralliart, you feel like hitting a racetrack more than rush hour traffic.  The Mitsubishi 2013 Lancer Ralliart AWC we tested was fully loaded and stocked with both sport and speed enhancements. This car is no slouch, and with its Twin Clutch SST – you are able to adjust how much power you need for a little extra kick on the road. However, adding bit more pep in the step of the Ralliart also means your gas is going to drain that much faster, and the car gets that much noisier.

I love the sound of a good engine, but when switching between different shifts the engine at times gets so loud, that the noise seeps into the car – killing the music that is playing or becoming so overbearing that you can hardly hear yourself think. So a quiet car this is not. However, it does do an amazing job getting up inclines on highways.

The interiors of the car are overall very masculine and sporty. There are lots of solid molding with red highlights throughout the dashboard. The steering wheel is compact and has a lot going on too. I do like that there was a tight grip on the steering wheel – so if you do decide to put this baby to the test – controlling the vehicle should be pretty easy.

The Infotainment system is pretty good, but not super intuitive, and you are blocked from performing certain actions while the car is moving. Not even the passenger can operate parts of it until you come to a complete stop. The seating is comfy for those upfront but those in the back get the short end of the stick. And while the seats are certainly acceptable – the leg room is a bit on the tight side. Albeit, this is a compact car after-all.


The exterior of the Ralliart is very sporty for a compact car. Will this car appeal to only a certain demographic? Most probably, while ladies do like to speed just as much as the men, the noise factor will probably get on their nerves faster than some guys who would think it is cool. Overall, the 2013 Lancer Ralliart AWC is a great car to take on the open road. Driving it in the city only limits its true potential – it’s like holding your prize horse in a stable – when all it wants to do is run. The 2013 Lancer Ralliart AWC starts at $28,095 and with options it can go as high as $34,240.

The Good: Very peppy, overall sporty look and feel, Twin Clutch SST is a nice add-on that gives you a little extra juice when getting on to highways or tackling any uphill roads.

The Bad: Way too noisy for a city car, gas mileage is just average, more men will probably gravitate to this car than women.

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