AquaFarm is an All-in-One Planter and Aquarium

AquariumIf you’ve said goodbye to one too many goldfish as they swirl down the toilet bowl, you might want to stop buying goldfish. Failing that, you can do the next best thing – get a fish tank that makes it awfully hard to send your fish into the hereafter before their time.

The AquaFarm is a self-perpetuating environment, with a pretty elegant cycle. It’s an aquarium, with space for plants to grow on top. You’ll get some seeds with your purchase, which will grow into plants that will provide fish food. In the meantime, those pants will grow by sucking up water and fish waste. That means that not only does the AquaFarm create its own fish food, it’s self-cleaning, as the plants absorb all the waste that would normally dirty up the environment.


Give your next fish a fighting chance at life. The AquaFarm, which boasts an impressive three-gallon capacity, is selling now for about $60.


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